March 2015. Despite promises, 133 children are still locked in Australian detention.

How you can help

1. Buy the song, make it a #1 hit

All proceeds help keep the campaign alive

2. Tell your MP to set the children free

One of our prominent Australians will deliver it personally as a postcard

3. Donate to the cause to help set the children free

To help us fight the cause, a simple Electronic Money Transfer (EMT) of any amount would be greatly appreciated to get the kids released.

Account Name: We’re Better Than This Inc
BSB: 032195
Account Number: 274429

All proceeds go directly to funding our continued efforts to make sure every single child is released from detention facilities.

Donations to the We’re Better Than This cause are not tax-deductible.

Over 700 children are currently detained indefinitely by the Australian government.



And in defiance of international human rights conventions.

In your name.

Your help will sustain their hope.

You are free to choose how you will stand against this travesty of justice and morality.

Please do so.

We Are Better Than This

In numbers

Who's with us?

Reverend Myung Hwa Park
The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW and the ACT Moderator
Ngareta Rossell
John Brown
Former Australian Minister for Tourism
Glenn Shorrock
Bryan Brown
Gail Mabo
Artist & Activist
Tom Keneally
George Gregan
Businessman & Former Wallaby Captain
Janet Holmes à Court
Bruce Haigh
Political Commentator & Former Diplomat
Deb Mailman
Marcia Langton
Leading Aboriginal Scholar & Researcher
Imogen Bailey
Actress & Model
Rosie Scott
Writer, Human Rights Activist, Founder of 'We're better than this'
Rachel Ward
Marcus Corowa
Ita Buttrose
Journalist & Businesswoman
Ian Chappell
Former Australian Cricket Captain
Gillian Triggs
President Australian Human Rights Commission
Margaret Pomerantz
Film critic

Here is what the experts saw and have to say

Who we are

We’re Better Than This is a non-political, grass roots movement for ordinary Australians keen to do something about the cruelty of children in detention camps. Among its founders are Australians who’ve been actively dedicated to the cause since 2001. The Keating Government introduced mandatory detention of asylum seekers in 1992. Successive Australian Governments on both sides have continued the inhumane and indefinite detention of helpless, traumatised children.

We’re Better Than This has the support of prominent Australians.

If you agree with the humanifesto please stand up for the children, and for Australia itself. We are better than this.

The founders are a small group of professionals with experience in human rights, refugee advocacy, PR, film making, advertising, marketing and social media. They are: journalist Ngareta Rossell and writer Dr Rosie Scott. Not for profit board member and lawyer Therese Cochrane and author Bella Vendramini. Managing director Steve Gray and account manager Will Bentley-Hawkins both of Hopedell Pty Ltd. Copywriter John Bevins, creative director David Sciascia, founder of Republic of Everyone Ben Peacock and producer David Steindl, movement architect and social leadership expert Stephen Scott Johnson, online community manager Nanette Johnson, campaign and communications strategist Kylea Tink and campaign manager Helen Paynter.

For campaign enquiries please contact Kylea Tink on 0419 185 671 or


Australia does not tolerate individuals who are cruel to kids.

Australia is no longer blind to institutional child abuse. We shine light deep into the dark corners of even the most venerated and powerful institutions.

And yet, Australia locks up innocent, traumatised children without trial; indefinitely, and under a tightly woven cloak of secrecy.

Our Government has created detention centres—deterrence camps—on Christmas Island, Nauru and on our own soil. There, the treatment of children is so inhumane and the conditions so appalling that leading Australian psychiatrists and paediatricians have been moved to speak out in a voice unprecedented in their profession.

These camps contravene international human rights conventions to which Australia is signatory.

We are better than this.

This will end because it must end and we will help it end.

There are better ways.